Historic OKC

Oklahoma City separates itself from other cities with uniquely named neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood has unique architecture differences as they followed the architectural trends during the era they were developed.  The real estate market is strong in these neighborhoods, as new families and young professionals move into OKC and revitalize these wonderful homes.

Historic Preservation Districts are designed to retain the history of the homes from the early 1900s.  Historic neighborhoods will require approval by the historical committee for exterior updates.  More information can be found at the OKC Historical Preservation Website.  The main neighborhoods that fall under the Historic Preservation Districts are Crown Heights, Edgemere Park, Jefferson Park, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, Paseo, Putnam Heights, and Shepherd.

Urban Conservation Districts are not as strict as Historic Preservation, making them attractive to buyers who want the look of historic homes but with modern amenities that may not pass Historic Preservation scrutiny. You can find the complete list of UCD zoning at the OKC Municipal Code Website.  The most popular UCD neighborhoods in the OKC area are Cleveland, Linwood Place, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills East, Jefferson Park, Gatewood, and Mayfair Heights.

It is important that your agent has expertise in these neighborhoods.  Our team has tremendous knowledge about homes in each of these neighborhoods.  As a Urban Conservation District resident, Jeff Anderson loves to educate potential buyers and sellers about how to make the most out of their home value.